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Hiya! Sky 16 Welcome to my world of random! I reblog all the favorites and more XP My main obsessions is anime/manga, music, travel, languages, and anything funny! If you'd like suggestions to any of my obsessions please ask! I'm only a Click Away. If you just want someone to talk to I'm here to help!
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"Foolish. Following your loved one, you threw away your dreams and your future."—-Queen Nehellenia

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~submitted by Pablo

These are great! Thanks for submitting them! <3 ~Silvermoon424

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Me:oh thats cute
*checks price tag*
Me:no its not


i think im in like like with you

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I drew this for drinkyourfuckingmilk and she didn’t have her submit open so

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work-in-progress images of my Innocent Girls III

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No escape from the storm inside of me.

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