Keep Calm and Conduct On
Hiya! Kelly 17 Drum Major of a Marching Band. I can play the flute in my sleep, I can also make musical notes appear out of a piano, guitar, ukulele, certain percussion instruments, and my friend told me I can play maybe two notes on a trumpet XD I also learned how to do a few color guard like things during this last year's Winter Guard. Yes Marching Band is my life and yes I'm fine with the fact that it swallowed my soul long ago. I also love concerts, drawing, manga, anime, photography, and languages! ♡♡♡
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Onew correcting an English translator live will always be one of my favorite things ever.

Onjongho Macarena x

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Onew: I can speak yo~

*Jjong shouting and Minho squealing just as loudly at the rest of the shawols*


Minho: I like Onew’s voice~! /hearteyes

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JongHyun appa leading the babies through airport

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Onew can spin pretty much anything! x 

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*Jonghyun blows a kiss*              

(Onew catches it) + Minho tries to steal another one + (Key is rushing everyone off of the stage), while Taemin is forever embarrassed yet slightly entertained by his hyungs



'Sexy' Taemin getting ready to go skydiving ft. that uber creepy dude

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jjong literally gives no shits that the car is falling apart meanwhile key’s like HOLD THE EF UP

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Our Loveable leader (Dazzling Girl)

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